Samus Varia suit pepakura foam patterns



This kit contains the pepakura patterns to assemble the Samus Varia power suit as seen in Metroid Prime 3. Pepakura files at a 1:1 scale suitable to create a Samus costume out of foam.

The 3D models for these pepakura patterns are specifically modified with eva foam assembly in mind: all extra faces are cleaned away and foam thickness of 10mm is taken into account with most pieces. Thus the recommended foam thickness to use is 10mm. I highly recommend basic pepakura assembly knowledge and experience with EVA foam.
As such, these pepakura patterns are NOT suitable for traditional paper craft or fiberglass building.


The patterns seams are aligned with the dark texture lines in the Varia suit reference itself, so minimal seams are achieved. You can emphasize these lines in 3D by lightly dremeling the corners before glueing it together.
To get the least additional seams possible, merge darts in the patterns together and heatshape where possible. You should only cut along the red shell lines. To get the rounding I have in my armor, make sure to ‘make up’ by rounding off the polygonal shapes where needed, and add sharp corners where the Varia suit requires them.
Only one version of each armor piece is added, you can mirror or duplicate patterns to get the other side etc

If you need help assembling it, check out my Samus Aran Varia suit build album on my facebook. If the link doesnt work, go to my facebook page > photos > see all > scroll down until you see ‘samus aran varia suit’ album.

If you have a 3D printer, you can download the extra STL models I used for the helmet tube, shoulder ridges and shoulder led strips: I found these were easier to add to the cosplay as a 3D print rather than try to make them in eva foam.

The 3d models used to make these patterns are created and/or modified by me. PDF patterns are also supplied if you do not want to install these applications, but the 3d preview helps a ton in assembly.

The pattern files are packed in a ZIP format. Once unpacked, PDO files can be opened by Pepakura Designer or Pepakura Viewer. These programs are free to use.