Twin Blades of Azzinoth 3D printed


This listing sells the glaive per ONE piece. Completely painted warglaives is out of stock by default, please email me to see if I have time to make these for you!

The legendary Twin Blades of Azzinoth, the warglaives worn by Illidan throughout the game World of Warcraft and associated lore, based on the appearance in Legion artwork. The twinblades are 3d printed in grey and transparent green PLA filament. One glaive has an assembled width of approx 140cm and weighs about 1 kg. The blades can be taken off the handle for transport and storage. Note that these are decorative weapons for display only and they should not be used to swing at anything!


BLADES: You will get 4pcs hollow transparent green blades ONLY, suitable to make two warglaives, precut for you. There are no leds, no swirly details and no mounting pieces included. Each blade weighs about 150 grams, is 65cm in length and 4cm thick at the widest point.
Great to make your own warglaives when you get stuck on making the transparent blades but you’re able to make the rest yourself.
Filament color may vary based on availability.

3D PRINT NO LEDS: Raw 3dprinted parts to create ONE warglaive, without electronics or accessories. This option includes 2pcs cut green blades, one centerpiece, 4 decorative details, 3dprinted gems and blade mounting pieces. You’ll need to do lights, sanding and paint yourself.
Filament color may vary based on availability.

3D PRINT KIT: Raw 3d printed parts to paint ONE warglaive: this contains 2pcs cut green blades with mounting pieces and leds, 1 centerpiece with preslotted resin gems with led lights, pipe for handle, and 2 pairs of decorative swirly details to be glued on top.
This option does not include any sanding or paint preparation done to the parts and is a DIY kit to make yourself.
Filament color may vary based on availability.

WARGLAIVE: One warglaive is ready for you, sanded smooth and painted, includes animated leds. The blades are reinforced with epoxy resin. Add an usb powerbank to power the leds yourself, these are not included due to shipping regulations. The blades can disassemble for shipping and storage and require you to slot the blades into the handle, and connect the wire connectors when you receive it.

Electronics information:
You need to purchase one usb powerbank for one warglaive. A usb cable and belt strap can be found in the handle to slot your powerbank. It is recommended to use atleast 4000mah capacity powerbank with a 2A output.
The green blades are connected through JST connectors in the handle. Be careful not to pinch the wires when the blades are slotted in place of the handle. An on-off switch is installed near the handle.
LEDS: The warglaive will have animated led strips installed, called neopixels.
These controllable leds can light up in every color imaginable, controlled by a tiny chip, an arduino Nano. This chip is pre-programmed with a standard boot-up crawling led animation as seen in videos on my social media, and then powers the leds with an animated green glow. You can easily upload other led patterns, including rgb/rainbow etc, found online in Arduino Neopixel examples through the mini-usb port found on the chip with the application Arduino.


Due to the huge amount of 3d printer time consumed and the time it takes to complete a warglaive, it may take up to 6-8 weeks or more to make. If you need these for a specific deadline, please communicate this well in advance to avoid disappointment.


My props and accessories are all designed and assembled 1 by 1 by myself. They are not suitable for children, only for use as prop and display. Do not use for active LARP fights, it is possible they may break.

Production time is usually around 3-4 weeks as most items are 3dprinted to order. Shipping time may vary based on your location and chosen shipping service. Please contact by email if you need something quickly, maybe your desired item is already in stock and can be shipped quicker for you. All products are shipped from Florida, USA.

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Blades 4x, 3D print no leds 1x, 3D print kit 1x, Warglaive 1x