Ivara fleece hood from Warframe


Photo information: The photos in the listing are photos made of the prototype: product is more sharp in color and larger than pictured. Will get some updated photos asap!

Ivara’s hood for the ultimate Ivara Warframe fans. Made out of fleece, it is cozy, big, soft and warm while you’re playing Warframe. Each hat is handmade by me for each order. Fleece is permanent custom fabric print. Lightly stuffed in the back for a bit of volume. Silver plastic rings at the tips.

Care instructions: You can wash the hood with warm water, or a gentle, cool/warm setting in the laundry machine with phosphate-free detergent and fabric softener. Do not let it soak for a long time in a hand-wash to avoid possible discoloration. When using cleaning products, make sure that it is a gentle product and test on an inconspicuous spot first. Do not tumble dry, but hang it to dry. This’ll help prolong the color and softness of your hood!

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