Animatronic skull mask (YCH) ready to wear


Animatronic skull mask (Your Character Here) ready to wear for you. This mask features random interval animatronic blinking eyelids, posable ears and articulated jaw. Motors produce significant noise that can be heard across a silent room during blink action. Motors are silent during intervals.
Select any of my 3dprinted skull masks in my webshop and choose your preferred fur and eye colors, plus any potential gore/blood and markings you wish (within reason). Pictures illustrate a similar result using the canine skull variant 2, though each is handcrafted for you.
Adjustable elastic headband and durable plastic sport zipper are installed in the back. Any gore/blood added to the mask is permanent rubber and does not wash out, but can potentially bleed colors due to concentrated dye tint.
You will need to provide your own usb powerbank to power the blink. Any style will work.

It takes about 6 weeks to create a mask for you after it’s been paid in full if all materials are in stock. Pictures of the final result are sent to you before shipment. You are responsible of providing all accurate and necessary details in writing to create an item to your desired specifications.

Small is great for adult women and large is suitable for adult men. Foam padding is included with every order which you can use to pad extra space if necessary.
You can measure your own head circumference to be more certain: up to 23 inches I recommend the small, 24 inches and bigger should pick large.
There’s always some extra allowance beyond these measurements so it should still fit.
This item is NOT suitable for children, as it may have sharp edges and may break when handled roughly/dropping, and it does not comply with any local child-safe laws. I do not create any child-size pieces.
The weight of a full mask is up to 2 to 3lbs/1-1.5kg
Please wear a clean sport balaclava when wearing this mask for more than a few minutes, this will act as a lining to keep your mask clean for longer.
Spot clean only. Do not use alcohol-based cleaners.
Do not leave mask in hot storage or hot cars.

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My props and accessories are all designed and assembled 1 by 1 by myself. They are not suitable for children, only for use as prop and display. Do not use for active LARP fights, it is possible they may break.
Payment plans are not accepted. If you are ordering internationally please consult your national legislation on importing high-value items and the costs for customs duty.

All products are shipped from Florida, USA.

Returns and exchanges:

If there’s something wrong with your item, please communicate this within 30 days after the item has been marked as delivered. A defect caused by shipping or production will be 100% reimbursed or replaced if communicated within 30 days after your purchase has been marked as delivered. No compensation is offered for any missed deadlines or delays due to such a reason. Defects due to incorrect handling are not covered, though you may return it for repairs for an individually agreeable amount.
Because this is a customized product, you are not eligible for a refund and return. If the item is not to your wishes, please contact us within 30 days after delivery to see what can be done to make things right.