Scalemail STL for resin printers

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Scalemail STL for resin printers

4-in-1-weave scalemail with a slight curvature and attached custom supports. Based on The Ring Lord large scales. This works great and very fast for MSLA resin printers! Tested on my Phenom resin printer, includes a piece scaled exactly to the Phenom build volume and a smaller test piece size which you can multiply and link together (offset X +80mm and Y +48mm). If your 3d printer does not match the size exactly, let the excess overhang and slice as usual. The half printed rings on the edges should fall right off or can be clipped off.

Size of the rings/scales is 10mm diameter. Scales are 33mm long (the ring lord 'large' dimensions)

These have custom supports included! Load and slice-ready! Write time may take a long time due to the amount of detail. Turn off volume calculation to speed up slice time.

Recommended to use tough/tenacious type resin or a mix of it if you plan on using this for a costume etc, so the connections don't break easily.

Join multiple sheets together by clipping the rings on the edge, hook them into another sheet, and then cure using an UV flashlight before cure (or after cure if you use a toothpick with some extra UV resin from the bottle). Or simply sew them together with some thread or floral wire etc.