(Second chance) Lilith cosplay prosthetic in natural latex


This is a second chance item, meaning it has abnormalities compared to the full price item. This can be due to discoloration, small defects or repairs or a combination of all. Item will still be perfectly useable, fully defunct items will never be sold. Stock available is subject to any production process mistakes. Stock is ready to ship.

Prosthetic cast from natural liquid latex to be used for your Lilith cosplay. Fits my 3dmodel for the Lilith horns found here:  https://willowcreativ.com/store/stl-models-lilith-horns/ 
Prosthetic is unpainted and uncut so you can suit it for your purpose. Dusted with talcum powder (body powder) so it doesnt stick to itself.
Recommended to trim edges to your preference, glue to your face with pros aide skin adhesive (or other skin glue) and blend with liquid latex (from a halloween/carnival store for example). Paint with bodypaint, makeup, etc etc.

Please make sure you are not allergic to natural latex.

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My props and accessories are all designed and assembled 1 by 1 by myself. They are not suitable for children, only for use as prop and display.

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