Cosplay has been a thing for me since 2013, when I created my first cosplay from League of Legends: Vi. Since then I learned a lot of skills that come in handy and also skills from other areas such as 3D design and digital art that help me with creating props. A returning theme in my costumes are difficult designs that not many people have yet managed to (successfully) reproduce. I think this gives me the best satisfaction in pulling off that cosplay, in combination with amazing people with something they have never seen before.

Cosplay has helped me a lot with looking with a different eye at many character designs and producing a realistic projection of these designs. And at the same time I can appreciate great character and concept design by choosing it as the center of my creations for a long period of time while I create my fan costume. There is something satisfying about handwork and being able to bring it to real-life that just can’t beat any digital design or thought.

See the dropdown ‘Costumes’ link for an overview of all my work to date.