Demon wing pattern (Lilith)

Lilith wings pattern in opened position, closely referenced from original game model. Includes full pattern and optimized pattern (to save print paper) in jpeg and pdf (print the pdf in adobe reader for automatic pages layout in full size)

Bowser pepakura files

Pepakura pattern for Bowser. You need the app Pepakura to view them, its free to download. Turn off the texture before printing to save on printer ink. They’re scaled to me (female/165cm should fit up to 180 easily). Already unfolded,…
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Subwoolfer pattern

Wolf mask pattern for Subwoolfer band cosplay performing at Eurovision. Print at 100% scale using poster print in adobe reader (or various poster print websites). Transfer pattern to 3-5mm white foamrubber (craft foam, eva foam etc) and follow markings to…
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Angel wing pattern

The wing pattern I made and use for my 2022 costume wings project, scaled to 2 meters at 100% scale.  It was not designed to represent a real wing accurately, but adjusted to be clear, simple and shaped for costume…
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Garchomp pepakura files

These are the pepakura files I used for my garchomp costume. They’re scaled to me (female/165cm/60kg). Already unfolded, do not cut darts and cut liberally/rounded when cutting the upholstery foam to create a rounded costume look. Take note of hard…
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