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3D printed articulated human-style mask. Great as a base for performers and costumers, with lots of options to customize and decorate, such as paints, fake blood, fur and ears, feathers, a hood or cloak, or custom dreads and wigs.
Compared to molded masks, a 3dprint is lighter, cheaper and easier to install and modify with more possibilities for size and shape, and is thus an excellent option for those on a budget or just starting out, or looking to customize a lot.
3D printed masks can also be post-processed to a very professional finish as well with some effort.
This is a full DIY kit that is ready to wear, which also includes installed hinges and hooks, installed adjustable elastic headband, and eye mesh fabric in white and black, rubber bands and foam padding in a separate bag.

Small is great for adult women and large is suitable for adult men. Foam padding is included with every order which you can use to pad extra space if necessary.
You can measure your own head circumference to be more certain: up to 23 inches I recommend the small, 24 to 25 inches should pick the large option.
There’s always a bit extra allowance beyond these measurements so it should still fit.
This item is NOT suitable for children, as it may have sharp edges and may break when handled roughly/dropping, and it does not comply with any local child-safe laws. I do not create any child-size pieces.

The jaw is attached to the mask with a screw rivet and pivots around your chin movement to articulate jaw movement. There are already 3d printed hooks and hinges inside the jaw and mask and the headband is already sewn to the mask for you, so there’s no need to install these yourself. You may need to install elastic band to the hooks to close the mouth. The weight of a full mask is around 500 to 600 grams, depending on chosen size.

MASK: The skull is 3d printed in your chosen color. A black elastic strap is added to the mask to wear it immediately, some foam and elastic band is added to complete it, and hinges for the jaw are integrated in the 3d print.
This is a DIY kit to finish yourself in your desired color, but can also be worn as a raw 3dprint. I recommend sanding and filler primer spray coats before you decorate it to get the smoothest results. You can use any type of paint, such as acrylics, markers, spraycans or oilpaints, to decorate this item. Other decoration ideas are structure paints, puffy paint, fur and fabric or metallic foil.
ADD HORN PEGS: Your mask will have magnetic pegs screwed into the top of the head to attach any choice of horns from my shop. You can rotate and reposition the horns in any angle. You need to add the horns of your choice to your order, they are not included with this option!

Painted masks are not possible, unfortunately I don’t have the time to work on those.

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I am available to create custom 3d designed masks and horns like these, please email me with your wish!
My props and accessories are all designed and assembled 1 by 1 by myself. They are not suitable for children, only for use as prop and display. Do not use for active LARP fights, it is possible they may break. Do not leave in hot storage or hot car.

Production time is usually around 1 week as most items are 3dprinted to order. Shipping time may vary based on your location and chosen shipping service. Please contact by email if you need something quickly, maybe your desired item is already in stock and can be shipped quicker for you. All products are shipped from Florida, USA.

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