Garchomp costume


I am selling my personal Garchomp costume! Currently pending private lottery sale. If lottery entrants do not purchase the costume, it will be a public sale here, pending information for now!

Please read everything:
This is a one-time sale of my used costume. This is a second hand item and a final sale, returns not accepted.
This costume has been worn 3 times to events then cleaned and disinfected every time after. This costume is made to my size and cannot be adjusted.
This is an upholstery foam pod costume with hand-sewn fleece skin. Costume zips up in the back and has additional zippers in the wrists for convenience. Vision is through the mouth.
It is highly recommended to wear some sort of undersuit, for example sports leggings, long sleeve sports shirt and a lycra balaclava (one lycra balaclava included).
This costume is hot to wear. If you are not familiar with wearing full-body foam costumes, please be mindful. This costume is hand-sewn, please don’t do anything crazy if you wish to keep the stitching intact.

I am 135lbs/60kg and 5’4″ / 165cm
If you are larger than these, you will NOT fit in this costume.
Additional maximum sizing, if you exceed any you will not fit:
Chest: 35″/90cm
Waist: 30″/76cm
Hips: 40″/105cm

No shoes are built into this costume, it is like foam sole slippers. Maximum foot length recommended: 9.5″ or 24cm

Do not use the out of stock form below if you want to be included in the draw.
You can still use this form if you want to be notified of public sale in case nobody wants to register a preferred choice.


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Arm and back fins (attach with velcro)
Feet (attach with zipper)
Tail tip (attach with zipper)
Lycra balaclava
Isopropyl-water mix spray for disinfecting

Cleaning instructions: Disinfect with isopropyl-water mix spray, spot clean with laundry detergent and rinse with water, then hang to dry completely. Do not try to wash any parts in any laundry machine as it will be permanently deformed. Do not store while folded or it will permanently deform over time.

If you want to buy this costume, register your interest by emailing me with your full name and country of residence. One person will be randomly chosen to be contacted by email on September 25th to offer the sale. If the person does not reply within 24h the next person will be randomly chosen. This is to allow more people equal chance of obtaining and also allow enough time to reflect on your choice and get your funds if desired. If no interested persons want to make the final sale, the costume will become freely available on my webshop to buy on this page for the same price.
You must pay for the costume in full, i do not offer payment plans. Costume will be shipped as soon as payment is complete. Unbox costume immediately after delivery to restore form and avoid permanent deformation.
This is a second hand item and a final sale, returns not accepted.
Costume is shipped from the United States of America, customs fees may need to be paid when it is shipped internationally outside the USA. I am not responsible for any customs fees or additional taxes.