Feline slim profile mask 3D printed


3D printed slim profile feline mask with moving jaw, to create your own cat head/mask for your fursuit or other character. Printed in lightweight foam filament for a comfortable and lightweight fit. This mask does not encompass your entire head, allowing for smaller and much lighter heads than a full-head cast. It also features no blind spot whatsoever, so the vision range is very wide and comfortable (NOT suitable for glasses!).
Compared to a resin cast mask, this mask is incredibly light and comfortable, and easier to install and modify.

The mask is completely 3D printed and assembled, and includes resin-printed teeth, acrylic clear lenses, 3dprinted eye shapes, fabric mesh in white and black, and some additional foam to complete the mask with ears and padding if necessary.
The jaw pivots around your chin to simulate jaw movement.
There are already elastic bands and hinges inside the jaw and mask, so there’s no need to install these yourself.
The weight of a full mask is around 110 to 120 grams, depending on chosen size.
You can gently use hot air to bend the mask if necessary, and shape it to your face.

Use faux fur or paints to finish this mask and create your own character (faux fur, glue and paints not included). While normally the masks are very smooth and can be used as a final finish as seen in the photos, small irregularities may be present in your order.

For size options I recommend small (around 22 inches head circumference) for adult women, and large (24 inches and up) for adult men, so they fit properly.
You can also measure your own head circumference first to see which option is best suited for you. Always choose the bigger option if you’re not entirely sure what size to pick. I do not recommend this mask for people that wear glasses, as the mask sits closely to your eyes.

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My props and accessories are all designed and assembled 1 by 1 by myself. They are not suitable for children, only for use as prop and display. Do not use for active LARP fights, it is possible they may break.

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